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Q. How can I order from you? 
A. You can order from us by filling our contact page form, visiting our shop, email, phone or facebook message.  
Q. Can I suggest my own design? 
A. Sure! Since every cake is hand-crafted and unique, the design may not be 100% accurate to your reference and may have slight alterations. Our staff offer consultations to discuss any ideas you may have.
Q. How long should I order in advance? 
A. The general preferred time is 2 weeks. For cakes with multiple tiers, complex sugar crafting or intricate details, at least 1 month is preferred. Last minute cakes may be arranged depending on the complicity of the order and our schedule however can't be guaranteed unless it's at-least 1 to 2 weeks notice. 
Q. Do you require a deposit? 
A. Yes, to secure your order we require a minimum 20% or 40% (large order or wedding cakes) non refundable deposit. Full payment is then required 1 week before the delivery or collection date. For wedding cake or large orders, full payment is required 4 weeks before the delivery per collection date. For any order placed less than 7 days before the delivery or collection date, full payment is required. 
Q. Do you cater to allergies & preferences? 
A. Of-course! We can arrange the recipes to cater to allergies, as-well as any vegetarian or personal taste preferences you may have in mind for your order. 
Q. Do you have gluten/dairy free options? 
A. Certainly, just get in touch with us and let us know your preferences either via email, phone call/text or facebook message so we can personalise the order with you in mind.
Q. What payment offers do you accept? 
A. We can accept cash, bank transfer or paypal. 
Q. How long will the cakes keep fresh & what temperature will they need to be stored at? 
A. For cakes the maximum we recommend is 5 days.  Cupcakes are recommended for 3 days, and for ingredients such as fresh fruit/cream, we estimate consumption within 2 days. It's best to keep cakes and cupcakes at room temperature and cakes that contain fresh fruit or cream in the refrigerator. While cold, the cakes are not as moist as they are at room temperature. We recommend that you allow the cakes to come to room temperature before enjoying them. 
Q. Can I get a sample of my order? 
A. Yes, cake samples are included in cake consultation. From our kitchen we can make up to 4 different samples for you to try. 
Q. Can I make any changes or change my mind after I've ordered? 
A. You can make changes to your design, although we would prefer if you could let us know about these changes asap, as some details cannot be changed after a certain time.
Q. Will my cake look like the example I've given? 
A. All cakes from The Cake Factory are hand crafted and personally made, so we will make the best efforts to make it as accurate to the example as we can. 
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